Cleaning Your iPhone

With a product like the Apple iPhone you will want to take good care of it so that it will last a long time. While you can buy various products designed to keep it safe one of the best ways to care for your new cell phone is to simply clean it. This can be a problem for many people since the iPhone is so unique with it's touch sensitive screen that people don't know how to correctly clean their phone without damaging it.

One thing you need to be aware of is that you can't simply wash your iPhone with just any type of cleaner as these could cause serious damage. You must take extra care and take your time. This is because rushing or being lazy when cleaning your iPhone may result up you causing damage to either the inner workings or the touch sensitive screen. There are several items that you need to have ready to allow you to clean effectively without any risk of damage.

You will need water and a microfiber cloth available when you clean your iPhone. It also helps it you have your favorite CD to hand so that you can be more relaxed and make your cleaning task more enjoyable. Do not ever use any type of chemical agents on your iPhone as these may cause damage to the screen. You should start off by placing some water in a small cup. Next take your microfiber cloth and dip the corner of it into the water, allowing it to become saturated. You can pick up microfiber cloths from one of the many iPhone retailers.

Do not use too much water, however. One way you can check to see if you have enough water is to get a piece of glass and wipe off a corner with the wet cloth. If water streams off the glass where you wiped it then you have too much water and will need to let the cloth dry off a little. You can also use a mirror to perform this test.

You should be able to wipe the screen of your iPhone without leaving any drops of water behind. Take the damp cloth and start to wipe the screen following and up and down motion. Never wipe in a circular fashion as this may leave unsightly smudges behind. It will probably take you a couple of wipes to clean the entire surface. An average iPhone user will clean their phone once a week, or maybe once ever two weeks, depending how often they use it.

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