Free iPhone Music And Movie Downloads From iTunes

iTunes are the best place to download both music and movies to your iPhone or any other IPOD you have. I recently purchased an iPhone and it is the best phone I have ever seen. Its technology amazes me every day, I never thought a phone could become so advanced.

The picture is so clear, like watching television on a plasma screen. Unlike other phones that I have had which constantly have delays, the iPhone is quick and as soon as you type something it comes up quickly. The screen is a lot larger than that of a normal phone screen as well which is another good feature that it has.

A lot of people think its expensive, but I tend to think its quite cheap for everything that it has. It is more than twice as good than phones in the same price range as it, so I think it is not expensive at all and everyone should get one. People not just in America are buying them but people in third world countries are also buying them, this is how good the product is. I like having video conversations with people on it. It is really fun and great to have and I find I am more organised since I have had the iPhone.

So as you can see I am a massive iPhone fan and I am looking at buying the newer ones that are going to come out in the future. I think there going to be even better than the fantastic original.

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