How To Use Gmail On Your iPhone

Gmail is fast becoming the most popular email service in the world. The primary reasons for this are that they provide an ever increasing amount of storage space for your emails and also provide a very easy to use user interface. Since Gmail uses Google's search facilities you are able to locate your emails quickly and easily. If you have already set up a Gmail account you will no doubt want to be able to log in and check your Gmail account wherever you are.

If you have both a Gmail account and an iPhone you will also probably want to set up your iPhone so that you can access your Gmail account directly from your phone.

It is possible to access your Gmail account by adding a protocol called IMAP to your iPhone. This application allows you to check your Gmail account using any offline email reader. This makes it perfect for use with the iPhone. The first thing you need to do is log in to your Gmail account and enable IMAP. To do this log in and go to the Settings section. Under there click on the Forwarding link and under POP/IMAP click on the Enable IMAP option.

The next thing you need to do is to get your iPhone and tap on Settings and then tap on Mail. After that click on Add Account and rather than selecting the Gmail option select the Other option. You will need to enter your name, then for the host and then your full Gmail address including the at the end.

The next step is to set up your outgoing mail so that you can send mail as well as receive it. To do click move to Outgoing Mail Server or SMTP. Enter for the hostname and then save your changes. You have now successfully set up your iPhone to access Gmail via IMAP which will allow you to view all of your Gmail emails on your iPhone.

Having the ability to check your email wherever you are in incredibly important in today's world. No matter whether you are a high powered business executive or just somebody that likes to have regular access to their email once you have activated IMAP in your Gmail account and set up your iPhone you can stay in touch with your email contacts wherever you and your iPhone happen to be.

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