iPhone Downloads - Get Unlimited Downloads For Your iPhone

iPhone downloads are they safe and legal? Now that you've got your iPhone you want to get the most out of it, especially with the 8Gb flash memory and super long battery life. The best way to get the most of your iPhone would be to have unlimited iPhone downloads of Music, Movies, TV-shows and games!

The answer - yes, you can find legal and safe iPhone download sites, but you have to do a bit homework first to make sure you don't choose a doggy site. There are sites which are free but charge you a per download fee usually about $1.99 per download, these sites are OK but i would advise finding a site that charges a 1 time only membership where you then get unlimited iPhone downloads for life. I would strongly advise you to stay well clear of the sites which are totally free, many people have reported viruses and spywares after using these sites in some cases people have had such bad infections that they had to get a whole new hard drive because the infection was so bad it totally destroyed everything.

So best look for a site that offers unlimited iPhone downloads for a 1 time flat fee, the site i use charges $49.99 which i think is pretty reasonable when i think of how much I've downloaded, my downloads include, Movies, TV-shows as well as lots of Music. Make sure the site you choose has a good looking interface and is easy to navigate through the site, and doesn't look like its been put together in 5 minutes. Look for the 100% spyware free signs too!

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