iPhone Extras

The iPhone was one of the most eagerly awaited gadgets of all time. The iPod set the bar for the portable digital music player so it was inevitable that the iPhone's release would be greeted with the sort of hysteria usually reserved for pop stars. The thing about the iPhone is that it is not just a phone - it's more of an all round multimedia gadget. This article looks into some of the multimedia features of the Apple iPhone.

A lot of cell phones these days have music capabilities, and since the iPod is the industry leader, it was expected that the iPhone would have similar music features that the iPod has. It certainly does that, with the touch screen allowing you to browse through graphics of the album covers, and as a result the iPhone looks like something from the distant future.

The touch screen itself is a full 3.5 inches, so it isn't difficult to browse through the graphical representations of your CD collection. You can also use the touch screen to select a point in a song that you want to listen to. This sort of technology is a world away from the portable cassette players that all of us of a certain age used to own, and that wasn't even that long ago.

You can also watch full length movies on the iPhone. The screen is just about big enough for you to be able to watch for any length of time, and there are now lots of services now offering movies specifically for the iPhone download market. This functionality puts the iPhone ahead of its competitors in the cell phone market. There are other phones with movie playing capabilities, but the screens are just too small to actually focus on for a movie length of time.

You don't even need to use a download service to get films for your iPhone - you can actually get software to convert your DVDs to the iPhone format. Amongst other features, the iPhone has a built in camera, and you can also upload your photographs to it. The size of the screen makes uploading photographs to the iPhone realistic for viewing purposes.

With all this functionality, it's easy to forget that the iPhone is after all, a cell phone. So many other cell phones have great sounding features, but none have anywhere near the touch screen ease-of-use of the iPhone, and that is why it is the best gadget around today...

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