New iPhone, New, Lower, Price - Isnt This a Good Thing?

The new iPhone is out, and the price is considerably lower.

Now, while some are a bit miffed (those who stood in lines all night mostly) that the price was lowered so much, and so quickly, there is an upside.

Apple is offering rebates of up to $200 on recent purchases along with purchase credits for $100 for those who bought right away.

Look, the price was sure to come down. It's just that no one really expected it to be this much and so soon.

For those really upset by this, I'll mis-quote comedian and political commentator Bill Maher who said something along the lines of "Congratulations. You've just paid the geek tax."

Early adapters are the types who always pay for the bulk of research and development. They know this, or should. I know I certainly do.

Is it a good thing that the price was dropped so much so suddenly? Depends on if you bought your phone already, I suppose, but it certainly bodes well for the new iPhone and its chances of getting a larger share of the mobile phone market.

It is also a good thing for those who waited to see if all the hype was going to be lived up to. And, frankly speaking, from what I have seen of the new iPhone, and the updates to iPod with the new Touch, I am inclined to say that it certainly looks as if Apple has another winner on its hands and those who get the latest versions are going to have a fun time using them.

Visit the Apple main site to see what rebate or refund you may qualify for.

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