Seven Reasons to Get an iPhone

The iphone is the newest, latest and greatest toy/tool on the market. Everyone wants one. Is it really that special? After you get one you'll wonder how you lived without it. But why should you own one?

1) You get an iPod with your iPhone! You can play music as well as video. The large screen makes watching video actually enjoyable. No need to strain your eyes to see. Watch it anywhere (but preferably not while driving!)

2) There is also a camera feature. It doesn't have a great resolution but the photos are amazingly of good quality.

3) The iPhone has a nice voicemail function. It is called visual voicemail. You can go directly to any message. You don't have to listen to other voicemails first, which is a nice feature.

4) The iPhone has an Internet feature. You can get emails and have the best mobile browser, Safari. You can easily synchronize bookmarks from your PC or MAC.

5) Using Google maps from the iPhone you can view maps and satellite images. You can go directly to traffic information. Now you can avoid that traffic jam after work.

6) One of the best features of an iPhone is its touch function. Just point and bam!, you're there! Everything is streamlined to work easily for your enjoyment.

7) You can download TV shows, movies, games, ebooks and music. It is easy to do and you'll have hours of entertainment at your fingertips.

Just by owning an iPhone, you will get a lot of attention from others as this is the new toy everyone wants! So...what are you waiting for?

Debbie Mumm is an Indoor Air Specialist in northern IL. She also enjoys promoting unique home products. To learn about an exciting system for downloading TV and Movies to your iPhone then go to