The Critique of iPhone Games

You might wonder about the quality of the games for iPhone. It's not even strange to see that iPhone comes without pre-installed games.

Most of the recent phones come with games... Just remember Nokia 3310 with the legendary Snake game.

The game was addictive and I remember playing it non-stop. I'm really interested why didn't Apple include something similar. They have great designers, programmers and marketing geniuses. They should know that we want to use our phone for something more than just calling and browsing on internet.

We want to have fun... Well at least I do... Do you?

What would Nokia be without The Snake?

Just imagine what are the possibilities of the iPhone interface. They are literally unlimited. Some users are already making concepts about how could the interface be used. And how could the games of the future be an amazing gaming experience for iPhone owners.

There is a video on youtube about how could games like Need For Speed be ported to iPhone and how could the touch screen be used in the most effective way. Most games just display buttons on the screen as if iPhone had generic buttons as other phones have.

But I don't see logic in that... Just think about it. IPhone was designed to be without buttons so that it would be easier to operate with it. But now there are developers making games that use half of the screen and the lower half is full of graphics that represent buttons.

Now there are some games that use full capabilities of the iPhone. But there is a rule in this universe... If you want something of value, you have to give something of value for exchange. So most of the sites that provide the best games with the best graphics are charging some money for the service. And I think it's reasonable that they do.

Because there is a logic behind the prices. The better the game, the higher the development price because the more competent programmers must work on it.

Here is a site where it's perfectly described how to get the best iPhone games:

I am a big fan of iPhone and I'm out to find the best games for it.