Web App for the iPhone

You can use the iPhone to call, send and receive text messages, take a picture, and watch a video. However thanks to Web Apps, the iPhone can do much, much more.

Web App is a software application that is accessed from your cell phone over the web or Internet. They are extremely popular with developers because you can distribute an application across a number of computers or receiving units without actually having to install software on any of them. Most users love this software because they don't have to buy expensive software to install on their cell phone, the only thing they have to do is pay for access to an existing web application. This is important because these web applications are websites that are designed specifically for devices like the iPhone. Normal software programs will be hard to read on most cell phones while the web app is designed specifically for that screen and it makes the viewing experience better.

Getting started with the iPhone web apps is easy to do. The only thing you have to do is use your browser to go through the Apple web app library and choose what you want.

There are also serious web applications available for the iPhone. There is an application called TimeClockOnline that actually lets your employees record their time. They can also record their time on a project for purposes of billing your company's clients or doing analysis. The system can also do several other things. There are many other Web Apps available for the iPhone.

B. Green


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