What Is A iPhone

Apple has done it again. The iPhone is from the Apple creator. What is a iPhone? It is a hot new revolutionary mobile phone that has a widescreen iPod which is just awesome. I am in love. The iPhone has many touch controls with a breakthrough communication Internet device. A iphone is one that has the best desktop email, maps, searching and web browsing and is very lightweight. With this handheld device, you can control everything so easy just with the touch of your fingers.

The widescreen ipod on your iPhone will let you enjoy all kinds of amazing content, videos, TV shows, music, audiobooks and movies. The widescreen display is about 3.5 inches. This new mobile iPhone allows you to make a call just by pointing your finger at a name or a number from your address book. You can listen to your voice mail messages in any order you want just like you would do email. How awesome is that. You can construct your own favorite list for the numbers that you mostly call.

The iPhone has the most advanced web browser which can automatically take your bookmarks from your PC or MAC and place your favorite bookmarks on your iPhone. You also have a google and yahoo search. You can read all the webpages you want on your iPhone. You can zoom in on your webpages just by tapping the display button with your finger. Wow!!

You also have a multi-touch interface just like a mouse that lets you glide through your CDs, you can flip through photos and you can email these photos right away if you want to. You can also easily send sms messages from a keyboard that easily corrects your mistakes.

The iPhone has the FCC's approval and has been given the green light. Apple is still taken the world by storm. What a combination. A cell phone with a iPod. Cingular(Now AT&T Inc) has the exclusive contract to distribute the iPhone. Apple, you have another winner on your hands. A iPhone is an incredible device that is going to do extremely well in the marketplace. Any of you got Apple stock??

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