Why I Love My Iphone!

When I first heard about the Apple Iphone I thought what a bunch of hype. But as I began to hear more and more about it and seen more about it online and tv, I decided to look into the whole Iphone craze myself. After a few hours of reading and youtube demos, I was convinced that I indeed had to have one. The price was a little steep but that would not stop me. I found myself in the retail line waiting for chance to purchase a product I had only days earlier scoffed at.

After the purchase of my Iphone I found myself constantly playing with it everywhere I went. I even guarded it with my life when others would ask to see it. And boy did they ever ask. When ever I take my iphone out in public there seems to be a flock of onlookers memorized by the tiny gadget. It's an attention seeker so thick that I quickly put my Iphone away as I become uncomfortable.

When I purchased my Iphone another purchaser gave me this website address where I could go to download tons of content for my Iphone. I was a little skeptical at first but when I went to the website called Iphone Nova I was surprised at what they offered. Once I download some Iphone Nova software which can be done through this link: http://iphonereview2007.blogspot.com I was then able to download all kinds of cool content like tv shows, movies, video, music, games and more. I would seriously recommend it to all Iphone users.

All in all my Iphone experience has been a very great one. There are still a few things that I think Apple can improve on in the future, but I still remain a huge fan of my Iphone. To all those standing and peeking over my shoulder when I pull my Iphone out, I got three words for you: "Get Your Own!".


Source: www.isnare.com