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Cheap iPhone? Not Likely

There's a whole lot of talk about how to get a Cheap iPhone it seems. With a bunch of knockoffs hitting the market in the past few months it is becoming necessary for a person in the market for an iPhone to make sure you know what you are buying. If you are presented with a deal for an iPhone that seems to be too good to be true then it probably is. You have to remember something about Apple products. Since Apple has a iron grip over the production of it's products the company maintains a tight grip on it's prices.

To put this in contrast you can simply look at your average Apple computer reseller. A reseller for Apple usually has they're prices slightly below the prices that you can find in the Apple online store however, no reseller is going to sell a product to you for less that what they can purchase them for. I like to think of an Apple reseller in the same regard of that of a record store owner. The record companies sell the store owner a CD for $14 bucks, this forces the record store to sell you that same CD for $15.99 so they can recover they're costs and make a small profit. Apple resellers are playing the same game only now Apple's products have expanded from the computer market into the cellphone arena.

Unlike cellphones your not going to be seeing offers that let you get a free iPhone in exchange for a 2 year contract as we have seen in recent years with popular cellphone models such as the RAZR. Instead you are going to pay whatever the going rate is. A good question to ask to which the answer is currently unknown regarding this topic is: Will the iPhone be the product to break the stranglehold apple has on it's resellers being able to make killer deals to it's customers? For not probably not but as millions every year upgrade to the iPhone that could have some affect on the pricing model that Apple currently is using and, if it does have such an effect it will be nothing but a positive thing for consumers.

So the good news is, the Apple pricing model will probably change, how, we don' t know; The bad news is, your luck to find a cheaper than the going rate iPhone from a Apple reseller at this time isn't going to be too easy to find. So hang in there, sooner or later we'll not only be able to get cheaper IPhone, we'll also be able to choose our cellular carrier as well!

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