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As you all know the apple iphone was a big release when it hit the market. Their customers who waited at the store overnight just to get their hands on the new phone. Despite the $500-600 price tag, the phone still seemed to sell out at most stores. I'm sure cingular will can many customers just because of this magnificent phone.

Pros of the Iphone:

The iphone has an amazing eight hours of talk time! With 8 hours of talk time, and 24 hours of audio playback, the iPhoneís battery life is longer than any other smartphone and even longer than most MP3 players. The iPhone is so untraditionally pretty that it's easy to forget it's technically a "smart phone," which puts it in the same category as a Blackberry or Motorola Q. .The iPhone is smaller still, which effectively makes it one of the smallest smart phones available, period. Best of all it is lightweight! I never seen a phone so amazing. I used to own an i930 next but I had to switch to cingular just for this phone. When I first got it I had to play with it to get used to the new features but now I can basically find everything. I really love this phone.

Cons of the Iphone:

Althought this is a great phone it also has it downfall. One of the main problems is the price. I have paid for thant $300 for a phone but I just had to this time. I couldn't resist. Another thing is that purchasing an iPhone will force you to sign a two-year contract with AT&T, which will provide voice and data service. There is also is no discount on the purchase price for signing that two-year agreement. I usually like just one year agreements put I went ahead and purchased to two year agreement because I had to. That;s about it.

Other than the little cons of the apple iphone it is an overal wonderful phone. It comes with many accessories and the looks are spectacular. I rate this phone an 8/10. If you would like to find out more about apple iphones you can visit: or