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Apple Iphone - The Review

The launch of Apple iPhone indeed created ripple in the mobile markets the world over. It raised the expectations of the consumers to such a level that it is now becoming difficult for Apple to match up to them. But despite a few complaints here and there, the Apple iPhone has proved to be an awesome phone with features to match its exquisite looks.

This slick and sophisticated handset is the one that can turn all the attention towards you be it in the boardroom or a crowded market. This fashion phone is for the true connoisseurs, the ones who like to make a style statement in all sphere of life. An entertainment device, an iPod and an internet gadget, iPhone is all rolled into one.

The touchpad is convenient and easy to use. It's a breeze to slide your fingers up and down and watch the screen respond to the touch of your fingers. The display on the phone, owing to Smart Sensors, automatically changes from landscape to portrait and vice versa. The .5-inch touch-screen display is brilliant and comes with a scratch resistant glass top. Instead of a traditional keypad, the iPhone features a virtual keypad. It might take you the initial few days to get used to this touch feature. The handset does not require a stylus, instead your fingers create magic on the touch screen.

The iPhone runs on OS X operating system that is used by Apple on its Macintosh computers. Through iTunes, the user can sync up the device to a personal computer or Mac. No matter where in the world you are, this Quad Band phone keeps you well connected, always.

If you are in the hot spot, WiFi proves to be en extremely useful connectivity option. What more, Apple iPhone has also incorporated all the standard regular connectivity and multimedia features that any high-end phone can boast of today. This is one hell of a gadget, and owning it will definitely make you one cool customer!

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