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iPhone Downloads - How to Get Cheap Downloads for Your iPhone

Ever wondered how you can lay your hands on some iPhone downloads without spending too much money? Many owners of this new gadget are searching high and low for good places to feed their iPhones with music, movies and videos. If you are one of them, right here, you would learn about 3 methods to do so quickly.

These 3 methods are relatively simple, but can vary in terms of its convenience and costs. At the end of the day, you have to decide which source for iPhone downloads suits you best.

1. Ripping from CDs, VCDs & DVDs

Whether it is songs or movies, you can rip them and transfer that into your iPhone. So you can first dig into your own private collection of CDs, VCDs and DVDs or call a friend and borrow from him or her. Naturally, if you are using a Windows media player or some other software, you need to be mindful of converting the files into iPhone-compatible files. Try using free conversion software that can be downloaded from freeware sites like and

2. Signing up with Free Music & Movie Sites

There are probably dozens of free music and movie sites today that offer you unlimited songs, movies and so on. You can download them freely but be forewarned that many of these sites are unsecured. This means that you run the risk of downloading computer viruses, Trojans and spyware. Alright, this is another way to get iPhone downloads for free but do be aware of the risks.

3. Getting iPhone Downloads from Paid Membership Services

A paid membership service is the third resource you can go to get your supply of iPhone downloads for music, movies, videos and more. These services typically charge you lower than $50 for a lifetime membership. This actually entitles you to their entire database of millions of songs, movies, TV shows and even games. For a price as low as that, it is catching on fast in terms of popularity.

These are 3 ways to get iPhone downloads cheaply without spending $0.99 per download. Run along to my blog and start downloading music, movies and videos for your player today!

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