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A CD jewel case, better known as the CD case, is used for storing and packing CDs. It is also known by some as CD storage for obvious reasons. It is made up of a plastic case and is ergonomically designed for easy stacking and storage.

The standard CD jewel case size is 142 x 123 X 10mm. It has two types: the standard single jewel case that can only store one CD and the standard double CD jewel case that holds two CDs. This CD jewel case comes in clear, a consumer favourite, or plain black; and recently, manufacturers have created colored CD jewel cases as the youth is beginning to be a part of the buying public. The clear and colored CD jewel cases are a little bit more expensive than the black CD jewel case because pure and new materials are used to create them as compared to the recycled material used for the black CD jewel case. Because of the materials used for the black CD jewel case, the finished product is usually fragile, which makes the item useless in the long run. This is also the reason why some consumers require that CD jewel case they buy is unassembled.

To determine the quality of the CD jewel case, the clear CD jewel case should be spotless and clearly clean. If the CD jewel case has these qualities, you can be sure that only pure materials were used to make this CD jewel case. But if the case has little black spots and there seem to be scratches around it, the materials used for this were recycled; thus this is of low quality and will easily break.

The price of the CD jewel case is also one factor in its quality. If the price is high, the manufacturers can produce a durable and sturdy CD jewel case and all the materials needed were used. If the price is too-good-to-be-true low, then one can doubt that the manufacturers have produced a well-made CD jewel case.

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