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Watch Movie On Iphone - Get The Most From Your Iphone With Free Movie Downloads

To watch movie on iPhone , you will need to either transfer movies from you DVDs into the format that iPhone accepts, or download them from the internet. Get the lowdown on how to download movies for your Iphone in the rest of this article.

Apple's integration of the capability to play digital movies is only one of many reasons why this wonderful piece of hardware is creating such a huge interest. In many places, there may well not be enough iPhones available to meet the demand.

Before you can watch movies on your iPhone, you will need to get them on to your computer in a form that the iPhone can use. This is considerably easier with movies you download from the internet, as obviously these are already in the right format. Do not despair, however, if you own a large DVD collection. DVD movies can easily be converted from their native format into mp4, provided you have the right piece of software on your computer.

To watch movie on iPhone from your DVDs, you will need to download some special software. There are many different versions of this software, many of which sell for $50 or not much less. There are some free versions, however, if you do an internet search with "freeware" as part of the search, it will come up with them. This software, known as a "ripper", will take the movie from your DVD, and store it on your computer in the format you choose. For transfer to iPhone, you will need to use the mp4 format. Once the movie is on your hard drive, it is a simple matter to use iTunes to transfer it to your iPhone.

To watch movie on iPhone if you are going to download them, you will obviously need to be connected to the internet. A super fast broadband connection will obviously make this a lot easier, as movie files are obviously not small. If you have dial up, you can still watch movies on your iPhone, it will just take longer to get them there. The biggest problem with downloading movies from the internet is security. Unless you choose the right type of site, you could be facing virus or spyware problems. The sites to avoid are the illegal P2P sites.

Legitimate download sites will charge you a one off fee at the start, and from then on, you will have unlimited downloads. Assuming the downloaded movie is in mp4 format, it can just be transferred to your iPhone through iTunes, as before. These downloads will work out to be very cheap in the long run, as you keep adding to your collection, with no extra charges. This is the best way to watch movie on iPhone.

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