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How To Download Games Straight To Your iPhone

When the iPhone first came out myself and 3 friends all purchased one, it was either a fashion must have, a gadget must have or just quite simply the only phone to have! I then realized my friends, just like millions of other iPhone users, did not know that you can get completely free downloads!

When I say completely free I actually mean for a one off fee of around $40 you get access to unlimited iPhone movies, music and games.

iPhones are the most dynamic invention since laptops. They offer internet access no matter where you are. This also means that you can download movies, movies and games from the big name download sites. That's all well and good, but downloading stuff from Itunes gets old and expensive pretty quick.

There is now a new generation of sites which are specific to your computer / cell phone / games console, these are the best to use as they offer new software downloads aswel as the usual media entertainment. You can join one of these sites by visiting my blog at the bottom of this article which has the direct link to the number 1 iPhone download site.

There are plenty of scam sites. Although it is hard to spot these sites, you can normally tell when you go onto the site and find that there is adverts all over the site for various companies. They may also have the pop up banners appearing trying to get your attention. Sites like this typically work by promising you the earth to get your attention, but then not really giving up anything once you get there. They get paid for the advertising, by people clicking on their banners flashing in your face! Not by producing a good quality service.

Although at first paying a one off fee of $40 may seem like a lot, but they offer quality download games straight to your lifetime for life. Once you pay, you are given lifetime access to their database, which usually holds millions and millions of downloads for you, whether you are looking for music, movies or games.

My friends have all since joined and have not looked back and I am sure you wont either!

Visit http://howtodownloadgamesstraigttoyouriphone.blogspot.com for the best iPhone download advice and to sign up to the number 1 iPhone download site!

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