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Is The iPhone The Best Phone?

On June 29th, 2007, Apple released a revolutionary new device that shook the cell-phone market -- the iPhone. Expectations of the iPhone were so high that it was dubbed as the best phone before it was even released. Fortunately, it didn't disappoint.

While the actual applications of the iPhone aren't particularly groundbreaking (with the exception of the Safari browser), the technology is. The more-than-smart phone utilizes multi-touch technology, something previously unseen in any mobile device. Combined with Apple's beautifully designed interface, the concept of multi-touch is easily adapted by first time users and are able to proficiently use the phone without any trouble after a few minutes. The same thing can't be said about other smart phones, particularly those running the Windows Mobile operating system.

There has never been a phone that actually entertains and dazzles it's user purely though it's innovative design and controls. But behind the eye candy, is the iPhone actually efficient with it's main phone functions, such as typing a SMS?

One of the most common criticisms of the iPhone is it's virtual on-screen keyboard. Some argue that while Apple had the right idea of keeping physical buttons and keys out of the phone's design completely, the virtual keyboard will never match up to the efficiency and speed of a real one. Fortunately, they're wrong. The keyboard is the one feature on the iPhone that will require getting used to. Practice does make perfect -- some users are already reporting that they're typing at a much faster speed than they were able to on their old phones. This is largely thanks to it's unique auto-correct feature.

So is the iPhone the perfect phone? It may not be perfect, but it is miles ahead of any other phone. Apple will undoubtedly introduce software updates that will further improve upon the functionality of the iPhone, so the possibilities are limitless. Apple has truly revolutionized the smart phone.

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