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Pink iPhone - Exceptional Function Meets Immaculate Style

Everyone knows that pink cell phones are incredibly popular right now, thanks to the huge success of pink phones from many different companies, like the Motorola pink RAZR. It's not surprising that even Apple recognizes the value of this trend. The pink iPhone promises to be the hottest pink cell phone ever marketed. Judging by the preliminary images, it looks like any fan of pink phones will recognize the trendy style of the pink iPhone is the most perfect shade of pink.

For the majority of people considering a pink iPhone, one of the most appealing functions of the iPhone is the fact that it can function as an iPod while still retaining tons of other features that make the high price of the device within reason. Compared to many other mp3 players on the market, the iPhone excels because it incorporates the intuitive design aesthetic of the Apple iPod, but gives users so much more for the price. However, some iPhone users may not be happy with the storage capacity of the iPhone which maxes out at 8g. Some iPods have storage capacities up to 160 gigabytes.

For other individuals who love the concept of the iPhone, the Apple iPod Touch may be another option. The iTouch leaves out the actual "phone" function of the iPhone, but still packs tons of features into a gadget with a user-friendly touch screen. The one major selling point for many iPhone lovers is the fact that Apple has finally created a portable multi-function device with style. Gone are the days of lugging around your pink iPod nano mp3 player, pink cell phone, and portable iPod speakers. While the iPod was a fantastic innovation for Apple's product line up, the iPhone has definitely raised the bar for our personal technology.

With the upcoming release of the pink iPhone, Apple has exceeded the expectations of most consumers and the abilities of most competitors.

Hunter Jackson

Source: www.articlealley.com