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iPhone Nova Review? - Dont Waste Your Cash Until You Read My Honest Review!

The iPhone is finally here! This is no ordinary mobile phone, it is also an internet device and a multimedia player. This amazing Apple iPhone also features a virtual keyboard and buttons and a multi-touch screen, all fitted into one small device. I then started looking around for an iPhone download site, and found iPhone Nova, one of the most reputable and popular iPhone download sites.

You should be aware of which iPhone download sites you join. Many people who download iPhone media files from random websites have reported downloading spyware and adware into their computers as well. Luckily, I did not have that experience with iPhone Nova.

1. Connection problems

Iíll consider iPhone Nova to be one of the better iPhone download sites I have joined. Their connection is consistently stable, and as compared to other iPhone download sites, has one of the faster connections. I did not have any trouble with interrupted downloads, as all my downloads that started were finished without any interruptions.

2. Fees

I did not have to pay iPhone Nova any more charges after paying their one time membership fee. This is a much better option for me, instead of paying for every download, which was what I did in the past. The charges for paying for every download really adds up, and Iím really pleased that I now get to download whatever number of iPhone media files I want without having to pay anymore.

3. Range of Media

I could find anything I wanted in iPhone Nova. I am pleased that iPhone Nova has one of the largest media collection consisting of thousands of categories in movies, music, TV shows and games.

4. Safety of Files

After using iPhone Nova, I have never encountered any problems with spyware or adware with all the media files that I downloaded. iPhone Nova screens every media file that you download before you can download them, and ensures that nobody downloads any dangerous files.

5. Technical support

I tried to contact the technical support staff in iPhone Nova, and was able to get a clear answer to my queries in less than 24 hours. They were also reachable at any time I tried to contact them.

6. Ease of use

Finally, iPhone Nova provides helpful tutorials that got me started downloading files almost immediately after I joined up. There are some iPhone download sites that are very hard to navigate, and might take hours to setup before you can start downloading anything. Luckily, this was not the case with iPhone Nova. The tutorials clearly detail how you can start downloading files, transferring files to your iPhone, and how to convert them if necessary.

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