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The iPhones Dominating Effect On The Cell Phone Industry

Many saw June 29, 2007 as a day that changed the cell phone industry forever. Apple's much hyped iPhone was released, and it didn't disappoint. It was a day when cell phone manufacturers and service providers had to seriously consider what impact the iPhone would have on their monopolized industry.

At a recent keynote, Apple has stated that it's main goal would be to sell 1% of the 1 billion cell phones that are sold worldwide in it's first year of release -- that's around 10 million iPhones. While no official sales figures have been released, reports suggest that Apple is well on their way to achieving and even surpassing that number.

It's little wonder why people have forked out up to $600 for a brand new iPhone -- it's packed with revolutionary new features and presented in a beautifully simple and "Apple-like" design. No other phone can match up to the iPhone's ease of use and functionality that is enabled by it's unique multi-touch technology.

While phone manufacturers are back at the drawing boards looking to find that one "iPhone killer" (which, going by the iPod's success, will never come), service providers are also panicking. Apple has entered an exclusive deal with AT&T that locks the iPhone to the AT&T network. You're locked into a two-year contract with AT&T for the privilege of owning an iPhone -- a large majority of iPhone owners have switched providers, and many future-owners also plan on doing just that once the phone is released in their country.

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